Only 500 decks were made
(Only available at dealers)

How do P-PIK Prediction Cards Work?

The cards are laid out side by side in no particular order.
The spectator freely chooses any one of the cards.
The remaining cards are use to force a number
on the spectator in a very deceptive way.
Their number is matched up to one of many
symbols on the front of their chosen card.
Each card is different.
Show the back of their card and their chosen
symbol will gradually materialize into view,
right in front of their eyes.

Egress Reveal demo (4 Meg).mpg

Egress Reveal demo (1 Meg).wmv

Retail Purchases Only

This is not just another card trick!

The P-PIK Prediction Cards with Egress Reveal (pronounced: ee-gress)
introduces the most original and unique reveal in the illusionary arts.
There simply is nothing else like this anywhere!
With Max Maven's permission,
the P-PIK Prediction Cards build on a concept he introduced 1986.

With a strong magical reveal built upon a strong mental concept,
it's easy to see why P-PIK Prediction Cards are great for all genre of the illusionary arts.
* Magicians * Psychics * Mentalists *

* No Slights * Self Working * Resets Automatically *
Strong enough for the professional.
Easy enough for the beginner.

* Professionally made with the highest quality card stock and coating *
* Each deck includes 12 illusion cards and 1 instruction card *
* Also includes a card wallet and lots of free patter and routines *

Still not sold?
See what others have to say.

View your purchase as an investment!

A working Trade Show magician based in Florida has this to say:
"All I can say is it was a hit!"
"I had people coming back to the booth bringing others asking about the effect.
The Marketing director who hired me for the tradeshow was also impressed and
has actually contracted me for additional shows around the country."

Review by Kris Greenough

"I must say that watching the image appear on the card truly is magical.
I found myself testing all the cards out again and again.
It looks very cool and sort of spooky at the same time."

Review by Steve Brooks
The Magic Cafe'

"Possibly the hottest effect on the market since Gilbert Raimond's PREDICTA!
If you like quick and impromptu, powerful magic, this should be at the top of your list."

Mark Stevens
Stevens Magic Emporium

In his ad copy, Hank Lee made this comment about the
Egress Reveal being the most original and unique revelation in the illusionary arts:
"Strong statement, but true!"
Genii - September 2005

"Mr. Sherry clearly put time and effort
into designing an elegant yet functional product...
that could be a nice addition to a mentalist
or psychic's performance repertoire...
for only $35, the "play" value is high."

Review by Trixie Bond
Magic - November 2005

"We recommend P-PIK Prediction Cards"
Review by David Goodsell
MUM - December 2005

"An amazing pocket mental effect that
will blow your spectators away.
If you're looking for a packet trick that plays big,
I'd recommend getting your hands on a set of these
while you still have a chance."
4 out of 5 stars

Europe's No.1 magic magazine
magicseen - January 2006

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