Kings Fool - Business Card / Trick

Kings Fool

The only Business Card you'll EVER need! Kings Fool is both a business card and a card trick. You'll get multiple exposure from the same business card. Customize them with the Do-It-Yourself kit, or have them professionally made in quantities of 200 or more. Kings Fool is the only business card guaranteed to make you money. Read more...

P-Pik Prediction Cards


These cards use a reveal that is totally unique. No other effect on the market reveals like P-Pik Prediction Cards. An image gradually materializes on the back of a playing card, right in front of your eyes. Read more...

Riverboat Shuffle


A card trick with a legendary history. You use any ordinary deck of playing cards, but the presentation is anything but ordinary. You don't handle the cards, the spectator does all the card work, but everyone is totally shocked with the magical ending. Read more...

Four Sided Coin

4 Sided Coin

This is a double headed coin and a double tailed coin. That's right, a coin with 2 heads and 2 tails. That's a four sided coin, but it looks like any other normal coin. Read more...

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